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Case Evaluation


A Case Evaluation from JurySync early in the lifecycle of a case helps ensure the case strategy anticipates the perceptions and decision-making process of fact finders.  

This service draws upon the collective expertise of JurySync's consulting practice including our prior experience and research on similar cases, and data collected from thousands of mock and actual jurors nationwide.  JurySync's case evaluation involves reviewing core case materials, meeting with trial counsel to explore alternative theories and a summary report addressing questions such as:

  • Which themes are most compelling?
  • What are the key strengths and vulnerabilities of the case?
  • What issues will fact finders perceive as most important?
  • Are the facts likely to produce juror outrage and what can be done to diffuse it?
  • Who will jurors consider to be the most important and reliable sources of testimony?
  • How might important witnesses be perceived?
  • What attitudes or predispositions will drive decision-making?
  • How should the cases strategy be tailored to the unique jury pool? 


Executive summary memorandum and in-person client debriefing highlighting consultant analysis of the case from a fact finder perspective.  The summary report addresses key questions and includes practical advice for case theory/themes, witness selection and trial preparation.

Case Evaluation is a cost-effective way to leverage JurySync's experience

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