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Community Attitude Surveys


JurySync offers large-sample survey research to explore relevant attitudes and experiences within a community.  When used in conjunction with qualitative research such as focus groups, deliberation groups and mock trials, survey research provides the necessary foundation for theory/theme development and litigation strategy.

Surveys may be designed specifically to construct pro-plaintiff and pro-defense juror profiles for use in Jury Selection.  Through bivariate and multivariate data analyses JurySync identifies the strongest predictors of plaintiff or defense support on a case scenario, which briefly summarizes each side's position in the lawsuit.  Results are used to prepare a Supplemental Juror Questionnaire (SJQ) and/or voir dire questions for eliciting predictive information from prospective jurors.


Written report describing public sentiment in the venue and identifying the strongest predictors of pro-plaintiff and pro-defense support on the case scenario.

Community Attitude Surveys provide the foundation for theory development and jury selection strategy

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