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Focus Groups


Focus groups from JurySync provide a flexible, economical way to get an early read on your case from a layman's perspective.  A focus group is a research exercise in which participants provide feedback key issues in the case.  Focus groups allow us to preview juror reaction to evidence and test drive themes and arguments.

Focus groups come in many shapes and sizes, offering a great deal of flexibility to fit a variety of research content, timing, and budget needs.  When conducted early in litigation, results are used to target discovery efforts and prepare witnesses for depositions.  Focus group research is particularly useful in mass tort litigation when developing a "company story" that translates across plaintiffs and venues.

Focus groups do have limitations, as they do not simulate the process of deliberating to verdict as do Deliberation Groups , nor do they allow the added value of detailed openings, witness testimony and closing arguments covered in Mock Trials.


Written report and/or in-person debriefing, with detailed analysis of participant feedback and recommendations for refining the case theory and themes, developing core demonstratives, gathering key information in discovery and preparing witnesses.

Focus groups are a flexible research tool used to answer the most fundamental questions driving case strategy

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