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Graphics & Trial Technology Coordination

One of JurySync's hallmarks is a commitment to staying focused on what we do best: litigation consulting which helps trial lawyers connect with jurors and other fact finders.  While most clients tell us they prefer the one-stop-shop concept of having one firm deliver jury consulting, graphics, and trial technology, they readily admit they have not yet found one that can do all three disciplines equally as well.  In other words, the convenience of having all three disciplines under one roof generally leads to some trade-offs, as most firms can only consistently deliver their best performance in one "sweet spot" discipline at a time.

Through years of working alongside the best graphics and trial technology experts, JurySync has developed working relationships with a few like-minded strategic partners who are also committed to staying laser focused on their unique discipline.  This allows JurySync and its strategic partners to offer the convenience of a one-stop-shop with the quality and service of a specialized firm.  For clients wanting the best of both worlds, JurySync will coordinate the efforts of its strategic partners offering graphics and trial technology coordination services to help counsel stay focused on its core strength: advocating for their clients. 

Contact us to learn more about how JurySync can help you coordinate an integrated jury consulting, graphics and trial technology solution for your next case.

JurySync's unique approach gives you high quality service across all three trial consulting disciplines