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In-Court Jury Selection


Strategic decisions made during jury selection can determine whether the jury's decision is based on the evidence (as it should be) or their own life experiences and predispositions.  The prevailing challenge is the lack of sufficient information on prospective jurors to make educated decisions in the moment of truth.  JurySync consultants bring a wealth of trial experience and proven processes for making the most of the time and information given by the Court, to help ensure that seated jurors are capable of listening to the evidence and rendering a fair and just decision.

In-court jury selection typically follows Jury Research and includes:

  • Code prospective jurors on information provided by the Court, SJQ responses (if available), and our own research into publicly available information
  • Obvserve jurors during voir dire to evaluate predispositions and leadership
  • Suggest specific follow-up questions in writing to counsel
  • Offer advice to counsel on the use of peremptory challenges


Real-time advice in the form of specific follow-up questions, and recommendations for the use of peremptory strikes.

JurySync offers real-time advice on the use of peremptory challenges to help ensure the jury's decision is based on the evidence

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