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Mock Trials


Mock trials from JurySync provide counsel with a forum for testing the case strategy in a setting that approximates real trial conditions.  A mock trial typically includes opening statements, testimony from key fact and expert witnesses, closing arguments, jury instructions, deliberations and consultant-facilitated discussions.  Mock trials may be designed to isolate and test variations of the case theory/themes to further enhance trial strategy.

Depending on expected jury selection procedures, the mock trial may include a mock voir dire and jury selection, with "struck jurors" assigned to a separate jury for deliberations.  This further enhances the trial simulation experience and offers counsel the opportunity to vet voir dire questions in advance of trial and test the jury de-selection strategy.  The segregation of each side's "strikes" also helps ensure that certain juries are purged of individuals who would be unlikely jurors at trial, because of their relevant experiences, attitudes or personalities.


Written report and/or in-person debriefing includes detailed analysis of mock juror feedback, juror profiles and recommendations for refining the case theory/themes and trial strategy.

Mock trials offer the most comprehensive jury exercise platform on which to prepare for trial

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