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Mock Voir Dire


Mock voir dire presents an opportunity to simulate the voir dire process to refine and strengthen both the development and delivery of voir dire questions in advance of trial.  Usually incorporated into the beginning of a broader Mock Trial, mock voir dire offers the chance for counsel to test the content and flow of questions, identify the most useful follow-up questions and gain valuable feedback from mock jurors. 

When combined with a simulated jury selection, including peremptory challenges from both sides and subsequent data from both struck and non-struck jury panels, mock voir dire provides valuable insights into the efficacy of questions and de-selection decisions.  In addition, mock voir dire offers useful practice time for counsel, which makes for a more productive voir dire at trial.


Written executive summary report, usually incorporated into a broader mock trial report, summarizing juror responses during the mock voir dire, on written questionnaires and during deliberations.  Recommendations are offered for refining voir dire questions for trial.

Mock voir dire provides useful insight and practice to enhance effectiveness at trial

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