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SJQ Development & Analysis


When approved by the Court, Supplemental Juror Questionnaires (SJQs) provide the information needed to identify negative predispositions and make good decisions regarding the use of peremptory strikes. 

Leveraging its proprietary Item Bank of questions measuring juror beliefs and attitudes in past research, as well as the lessons learned in case-specific jury research, JurySync constructs an SJQ designed to uncover bias and explore experiences that may influence juror decisions.  We work with counsel during negotiations over a joint questionnaire, if needed, and then prepare a system for processing and coding prospective jurors within the allocated time we are given at trial.


Written SJQ and revisions, as needed, during negotiations with opposing counsel or following input from the Court.

A well-crafted SJQ and ranking system is extremely useful in selecting the best jurors possible at trial

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