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Venue Analysis


Understanding the venue in which your case will be heard is critical.  JurySync offers venue analysis services to explore the unique characteristics and predispositions of a particular venue including demographic, psychographic, socio-economic, historical and political factors which create the unique fabric of a community.  Utilizing a myriad of primary and secondary research methods, and leveraging JurySync's robust bank of research data, this service ensures counsel is amply equipped to speak the language of the venue, identify surrogate venue(s) for research and/or pursue change of venue initiatives. 

Often used in conjunction with community attitude surveys, a venue analysis from JurySync informs subsequent jury research and enhances the precision and usefulness of jury selection activities at trial.


Detailed report highlighting the demographic, political, social, economic and political characteristics of a specific venue, including the identification of surrogate venues for research, if needed.

Venue Analysis is essential to understanding how to connect with fact finders

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