Angie Rowlette


Project Manager

Angela applies her extensive event planning and project management experience to coordinate and execute research events while staying on budget.


I plan and execute our research projects including mock trials, jury selections and so on. I make sure everything comes together behind the scenes so our consultants and client attendees can stay focused on the strategic issues at hand.

I worked in the animal pharmaceutical industry for 15 years. I was an executive assistant and event planner for the second largest animal health company in the world. We hosted large-scale events – national sales meetings, open houses, tradeshows, a variety of things.

The work is ever changing. I’m not doing the same thing each day. It’s a constantly evolving process, and I love juggling a lot of things at once – it feeds me.

Staying on budget and getting it all done right for our clients. I am proud to say I’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars by cultivating strong relationships with our third parties and finding creative win-win solutions.

I’m known for having a very large, supportive family. I have 7 kids including a set of triplets! Life is never dull.

I’m from Saint Joseph, Missouri. I am the youngest of four kids. We rode bikes and played outside a lot.

My family, cooking and volleyball.

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