Jay Jarrett MBA


Project manager

Jay draws on her project management and event planning background to help plan and execute jury research projects and assist in jury selections.


I plan and manage successful research projects including focus groups, mock trials and spectator juries. I also research trial venues and manage research facilities, recruiters, video production experts, caterers and more.

I have an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management and a BS in Mass Media Production from Southwest Missouri State University. My experience includes communications, broadcasting and event/project management for healthcare, higher education and media organizations.

I appreciate the size of the company and the opportunity to really get to know and understand the people I work with. I also truly appreciate the time and effort the entire team puts into every aspect of what we do.

After a project or at the conclusion of a jury selection or trial, our team will discuss key takeaways and outcomes for the client. It’s awesome to hear how JurySync and the services we provide have a positive impact on the case. I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

I’ve always enjoyed coordinating events. Over the years this passion as allowed me to plan events in a variety of trades including in media, education, health and now in litigation.

I am Kansas City born and raised. I was a tomboy and books were my best friends.

Traveling, escaping in a good spy novel and working out.

See how our team can help you succeed.

From research to strategy to at-trial consulting, JurySync will be your trusted ally in selecting an open-minded jury and developing, testing and refining theories and themes that set you up for success.

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