Mackie Welch

Mackie Welch

Mackie Welch

Project Manager

Mackie utilizes her event planning experience and social sciences education to bridge client needs and project logistics for successful research events.

Clifton Strengths
Individualization Strategic Developer Arranger Intellection

Mackie Welch

Tell us about your education background.

I earned my BA in Psychology with a minor in American Sign Language at the University of Texas at Austin. This unique combination of studies has helped me develop strong communication skills and lends itself to the “people-side” of event planning and vendor management.

What are you known for?

I have a gift for figuring out how different people can work together productively and bringing out the best in others.  My friends and family tell me I am empathetic and funny, and that I have a tendency to promise every book I read is “my new favorite book!”

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I love exploring the city and spending time outdoors, but nothing compares to a night at home cooking—without a recipe-and reading psychological thrillers.

What do you do at JurySync?

I support the JurySync team by organizing all the “backstage” aspects of a project. I collaborate with other Research Team members and serve as a liaison to our vendors to create a successful and efficient project.

What do you like best about JurySync?

I cannot speak highly enough about the culture and team I get to work with. There is a fundamental level of respect, collaboration, and creativity that is reflected in the quality of work we produce and the growth I experienced since joining the team.

How do you contribute to the success of JurySync clients?

I tackle all the executional tasks, so that our consultants and clients can remain focused on their work and their research without worrying about the logistics of a project. As an Arranger, I like to determine how all the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity.

Where and how did you grow up?

I’ve always considered Kansas City home, since most of my family is there, but I grew up in a suburb just outside of Dallas, mostly eating donuts and watching premier league soccer with my dad and older sister every Saturday morning.

When do you think, “Man, I love what I do”?

With each new project, when all the pieces come together. I love seeing the work of so many dedicated people aligning to produce one seamless project.

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