Group: Robin Dougherty

Tell us about your experience.

Before joining JurySync, I worked in local government for 20 years supporting elected officials and executives in various roles. I started in the County Attorney’s Office and finished working on special projects for the CAO and County Mayor.

Where and how did you grow up?

I grew up in Shelby County, the largest county in Tennessee. We had family dinners, and you knew it was time to go inside when the streetlights came on. I became a cheerleader in the third grade and was part of a two-time national championship squad in high school. I enjoyed a wide variety of… more Where and how did you grow up?

When do you think, “Man, I love what I do”?

I love it when we get all the positive feedback from clients after a project comes together like a well-oiled machine or they have a favorable outcome, and we hear, “we couldn’t have done it without JurySync.”