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team Roster

Mackie Welch

Mackie utilizes her event planning experience and social sciences education to bridge client needs and project logistics for successful research events.

Valerie Harmon

Valerie uses her project management experience to coordinate and execute research events and assist in jury selections.

Robin Dougherty

Robin brings a contagious enthusiasm in managing three firm-wide programs – Case Management & Conflicts of Interest, Document Management & Control, and Jury Selection Research & Analysis.

Melissa Welch

Melissa brings a strong track record in problem-solving and innovation, as well as extensive experience in event planning and project management, to leading the Research and Information Technology (IT) functions for JurySync.

Kimberly Dellapaolera

Kimberly applies her passion for research and expertise in social psychology and law to help trial attorneys and their clients discover what drives juror decision-making in each case.

Amy Martin

Amy applies her expertise in law and human behavior to demystify juror thought processes and develop case themes that resonate with fact-finders.

Matt Milano

Matt draws upon his Clinical Psychology background to understand human motivation and help litigators and witnesses communicate effectively with jurors.

Sarah Topp

Sarah draws upon her expertise as a social scientist and former debater to anticipate juror reaction, develop key messages and offer on-point strategic advice to counsel regarding trial themes and jury selection.

Jeanine Tettenborn

Jeanine manages JurySync’s finance and accounting, human resources, facilities management and IT systems.

Scott Robinette

Scott leads the business side of JurySync, including strategic planning, financial management, business development and strategic partnerships.